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Titlu Inele Aur Pierdut IASI 01.12.17
Descriere Hello. ive lost my golden ring friday night December 1st in the Oddity Bar or in front of it. It is a Worn Golden ring with the JL letters Marked on the face.
Data  pierderii 2017-12-01
Recompensa 400 RON
Judet Iasi
Oras Iasi
Locatia Bar / Club / Restaurant
Locatia specifica Oddity Bar
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Cu pietre:nu
Alte detalii:It is a golden ring small size with the JL marked on. it is a worn ring with no value instead the one i give on (family gift).
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Telefon mobil 0742-882-666
ID: 744  Data postarii: 2017-12-03 16:55:41 pe Facebook